What Is Social Prescribing?

Please take a few minutes to watch the following video from the National Academy for Social Prescribing:

We endorse the global definition of social prescribing that was recently established by 48 social prescribing experts from 26 countries – including Canada! Social prescribing “a means for trusted individuals in clinical and community settings to identify that a person has non-medical, health-related social needs and to subsequently connect them to non-clinical supports and services within the community by co-producing a social prescription – a non-medical prescription, to improve health and wellbeing and to strengthen community connections.”
– Muhl et al. (2023)

Muhl, C., Mulligan, K., Bayoumi, I., Ashcroft, R., & Godfrey, C. (2023). Establishing internationally accepted conceptual and operational definitions of social prescribing through expert consensus: a Delphi study. BMJ Open, 13, e070184. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2022-070184